(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
1. class, division, category, head, section; department, province, domain (See part); [sub]kingdom, [super- or sub-]phylum, division, [super-or sub-]class, order, [super]family, genus, species, variety; biotype, genotype; race, tribe, sept, clan; breed; type, sect, set, genre; coterie, clique (See party); estate; assortment; feather, stripe, blood, ilk, kidney, the likes of; suit; gender, sex, kin; kind, sort, manner, description, denomination, designation (See nomenclature); character, stamp.
2. (act of classifying) classification, classing, categorization, pigeonholing, sorting, grouping; ranking, grading; taxonomy; organization, arrangement, order.
3. hierarchy, power structure, pecking order; chain of command; rank, standing, status, station, condition, [social] level, caste; rating, quality; grade point; class warfare or struggle. See degree.
Verbs — class, classify, sort, screen, pigeonhole; rank, rate, organize, arrange, catalog[ue], categorize; grade, rank; characterize, type, put or set down.
1. classified, specified; systematic, ordered, organized; sorted, pigeonholed; graded, ranked, hierarchic.
2. categorical, taxonomic; differential, particular, defining.
Quotations — What have kings that privates have not too, save ceremony? (Shakespeare), The rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate (Cecil Francis Alexander).
Antonyms, See whole.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A classification]
Syn. category, division, group, kind, sort, degree, order, rank, grade, standing, level, genus, distinction, breed, type, kingdom, subdivision, phylum, subphylum, subclass, superorder, family, cast, mold, sect, quality, rate, collection, denomination, department, species, variety, branch, genre, range, brand, set, estate, hierarchy, section, domain, nature, suit, color, origin, character, humor, frame, temperament, school, designation, temper, sphere, brood, spirit, vein, persuasion, head, province, league, make, grain, feather, source, name, mood, habit, form, selection, stamp, stripe, status, range, streak, property, aspect, disposition, tone; see also classification 1 , state 2 .
2. [A division of society]
Syn. caste, social rank, social stratum, stratum, status, station, socioeconomic level, cultural level, family, breed, sect, layer of society, standing, place, sphere, circle, stock, clan, nobility, high rank, pedigree, society, prestige, income bracket, income group, title, degree, position, connection, precedence, genealogy, power, company, derivation, source, descent, birth, ancestry, influence, hierarchy, state, lineage, condition, strain, tribe, moiety, estate, extraction, origin; see also sense 1, rank 3 , tribe .
3. [A group organized for study]
Syn. course, section, subject, grade, level, year, form, lecture, recitation, seminar, colloquium, discussion group, round table, meeting for study, period, lesson, assembly, group, session, room, division, course of study.
4. [*High quality]
Syn. elegance, refinement, distinction, panache; see elegance 1 .
in a class by itself,
Syn. unique, unusual, different, one of a kind; see unique 1 .
Syn. identify, rank, grade, categorize; see classify , mark 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. sort kind, category, type, group, caste, genus, grade, species, stripe, variety, breed, division, ilk, order.
2. social rank position, stratum, status, sect, birth, lineage, extraction, place, echelon, hierarchy, pedigree, caste, station, rank, standing.
3. body of students study group.
4. course subject, period, lesson, curriculum.
5. Sl. high style elegance, excellence, quality, flair, polish, distinction, fineness, refinement.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. A subdivision of a larger group: category, classification, order, set2. See GROUP. 2. A division of persons or things by quality, rank, or grade: bracket, grade, league, order, rank1, tier. See GROUP, VALUE. 3. Degree of excellence: caliber, grade, quality. See BE, VALUE. 4. Informal. High style in quality, manner, or dress: quality, refinement. See STYLE. II verb 1. To distribute into groups according to kinds: assort, categorize, classify, group, pigeonhole, separate, sort (out). See COLLECT. 2. To assign to a class or classes: categorize, classify, distribute, grade, group, pigeonhole, place, range, rank1, rate1. See GROUP, VALUE.

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(of persons) / (as of pupils pursuing the same studies) / (of animate or inanimate objects, including orders, genera, and species), / , , , , , , , , , , ,

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